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Sting - Quadrophenia

You are viewing a Quadrophenia themed autograph display personally signed by STING.

Sting's autograph has been presented in a black frame with photo images and engraved plaque with relevant details.

Sting is pictured in the iconic scene after being arrested fighting with the Rockers in Brighton.

Quadrophenia Court Scene dialogue:

  • It seems strange to see this procession of miserable specimens. So different from the strutting hooligans of yesterday, who came here to pollute the air of this town. Yes. These long-haired, mentally unstable, petty little hoodlums. These sawdust Caesars, who can only find courage, like rats, by hunting in packs, came to Brighton with the avowed intent of interfering with the life and property of its inhabitants. And so far as the law gives us power, this court will not fail to use the prescribed penalties. It may perhaps discourage you, and others of your kidney who are infected with this vicious virus, that you be ordered to pay a fine of 75 pounds.
  • I'll pay now if you don't mind. You haven't got a pen, have you, Your Honour ?