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I started collecting autographs back in the early 1980’s when i met the great “Bob Paisley” Manager of Liverpool Football Club.
Bob was signing autographs for some fans outside Anfield so i decided to ask for one myself and from then on i started to collect autographs as a hobby whenever i when to a game.

Buying signed memorabilia can be great choice of gift for birthdays & christmas presents for family or friends but there is also a very serious side to industry especially when it comes to investing in autographs for potential future growth in value.

Providing your choose carefully when investing in autographs you have a very good chance that your item will indeed increase in value.
In most cases autographs will sore in value once someone dies making the signature more in demand , all though there will an intial spike in price it will soon level out after period but will still be more valuble than when that person was alive.

For example 10 years ago an Alan Rickman autograph was around £45/£50 now its valued between £500 & £600, Sean Connery autograph was around £150/£200 and is now valued between £900 & £1000, more recent Diego Maradona’s signature before he passed was around £200/£250 and now is upwards of £1250.00, Increase in value can also depend how popularity of the person in question.

All items should be accompanied with a recognised Certificate of Authenticity from trusted dealers of trusted association and most importantly provdence behind the autograph’s history.

If you are considering of investing in autographs and would like more information please feel free to contact us by email and book an appointment.

Happy Collecting !

Many Thanks
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