About Online ‘ Certificate of Authenticity ‘

OnlineCOA.co.uk is an online (COA) Confirming Ownership of Autograph database.
Each item is assigned a COA code and then linked to the owners surname. The item can then be viewed at anytime anywhere in the world via our database.

Simply enter the 7 digit Starstruck Autographs COA code that you will find on your COA Sticker, which will be on the back of your photo etc. or provided to you separately. Then enter then your surname and click search. Remember you can only find your item if you have both the 7 digit security code and the original purchasers surname for each particular item.

Please note: We do not transfer ownership of any items sold on by anyone buying from Starstruck Autographs Ltd. If a different surname is required on the COA please advise at the time of purchase as once the details are uploaded onto the database for security reasons they cannot be changed afterwards.

Old fashioned paper certificates of authenticity are forever being lost, not required or in some peoples opinion a worthless piece of paper, All details are now stored on our database, which means you will have no need to go back to your original seller to obtain a new certificate or have the item authenticated by a third party. Both of which can be expensive.

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