Quadrophenia Cast signed Autograph presentation – Sting – Phil Daniels – Leslie Ash

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Quadrophenia - Cast Signed Presentation

You are viewing a fabulous and extremley rare Autograph presentation signed by the 9 characters from the cast of the 1979 British Cult film "Quadrophenia"

Signed by Phil Daniels, Sting , Leslie Ash, Phil Davis, Mark Wingett, Trevor Laird,

Toyah Wilcox, Gary Cooper, Gary Shail.

Autographs have been set in black frame with grey velvet mount and classic poster photo and engraved plaque with relevant details.

Overall Size: 25"x 27.5"

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Quadrophenia is a 1979 British drama film, loosely based on The Who's 1973 rock opera of the same name. It was directed by Franc Roddam in his feature directing début. Unlike the adaptation of Tommy, Quadrophenia is not a musical film, and the band does not appear live in the film.

The film is set in London in 1964, a time when the working class youth broadly aligned themselves with one of two factions, who frequently fought each other. The Mods wore sharp suits, listened to current pop and soul music, took amphetamines and rode scooters. Rockers rode powerful British motorcycles such as Triumph and BSA, wore black leather jackets and listened to 1950s rock n roll.

The film stars Phil Daniels as Jimmy, a young mod who escapes from his dead-end job as a mailroom boy by dancing, partying, taking amphetamines, riding his scooter and brawling with Rockers. After he and his friends participate in a huge brawl with the Rockers at the seaside town of Brighton, he is arrested and his life starts to spiral out of control; he loses his love interest (Leslie Ash), gets kicked out of his house by his parents, and discovers that his idol, the popular mod nicknamed "Ace Face" (Sting), is actually a bell boy at a hotel.